What is Integrative Medicine?  

Integrative and Alternative medicine is a form of medicine that spans beyond traditional, western medicine such as prescription medication, surgery and other modern medicine modalities.  Alternative  methods are usually well researched and accepted by medical communities all over the world as effective and meaningful methods of healing. Integrative and Alternative Medicine recognizes that each individual is different and therefore requires unique treatment plans for each individual.  Practitioners of Integrative Medicine understand that a combination of traditional, alternative and integrative medicine in combination are often times the  most effective way for individuals to navigate their personal and holistic health. 

Integrative and Alternative Medicine includes but are not limited to therapies such as Chiropractic work, Energy work, Clinical Hypnosis. Acupuncture, Coaching, Biofeedback, Mindfulness and Meditation, Guided Imagery, Homeopathy, Ayurvedic Medicine, Nutrition Counseling, Healing Touch, Movement Therapies, Qigong, Massage, Naturopathy, Chinese Medicine, Yoga, Supplements and Herbs, Reiki and Electromagnetic Therapies.  

Services Offered















Clinical Hypnosis

Clinical Hypnosis has been found to be effective for all sorts of issues including, but not limited to, anxiety, pain management, building confidence, changing negative cognitive distortions, weight loss, ceasing poor habits, increasing creativity and healing from trauma. Clinical Hypnosis sessions are approximately one hour in length and cost $155 each session

Emotion Code

The Emotion Code Is a modality of energy work that helps to release emotional stress, physical stress and ailments and baggage from our bodies and our lives. We do this by releasing trapped energies in the body. We are beings of pure energy and everything in our lives and the world—including emotions—are made of energy and have their own vibrational frequency. When we experience intense or repeated emotions we an actually feel the vibration of those emotions. Sometimes that energy can get stuck in our bodies even after the events have (long) passed which can create psychological and emotional distress such as anxiety, depression, PTSD or eating disorders. Trapped energies in our bodies can also cause physical imbalances, pain, malfunctions and even serious disease. To release these trapped energies we will use muscle testing as a form of determining what is trapped in the body and where. Then we will release these trapped energies by rolling a magnet down the governing meridian of the body. This process releases the stresses, sickness, anxieties and pain in our body so that we can live in joy and thrive—the way we were meant to. The Emotion Code is a modality that can be done in person or distance healing. I recommend 3-5 sessions in order to see significant and lasting change though many individuals can feel immediate results. And some individuals see such amazing results that they continue these sessions for varying emotional and physical issues! Pricing for Emotion Code sessions is as follows: One session - $155 Package of three sessions - $435 **Sessions typically last one hour

Guided Imagery and Visualization

Guided Imagery and Visualization are based on the researched concepts that your mind and body are connected that can help induce relaxation, decrease anxiety, helping to reach goals (e.g. weight loss), manage pain and promote overall healing. Guided Imagery and Visualization relies on our five senses and imagination to create a relaxed and focused state of mind. In this state, the brain is able to engage in neurological re-wiring that will promote learning, creativity, healing, the feeling of being in control, decrease in emotional and psychological distress and physiological discomfort. Guided Imagery and Visualization mobilizes subconscious processes to assist in achieving conscious goals. Guided Imagery and Visualization can be a part of a regular psychotherapy session or can be an individualized modality. Sessions are one hour in length and cost $155 per session.

Tarot Card Reading

Tarot Card Readings are a form of energy healing that, unlike popular stereotypes, is not meant to tell fortunes or the future. Rather, this form of energy healing acknowledges that the answers we are looking for are within us and taps into our subconscious, energetic selves in order to help us learn about our Higher Selves and give us clarity of direction in life. Tarot Card Readings can be done by asking specific questions or by doing an open reading to help understand a new chapter or phase of life. Often Tarot Card Readings can help to tap into the areas of our lives that are imbalanced or in need of additional work. Tarot Card Readings can often lead to psychotherapy or coaching sessions in order to further develop, process and move forward with the information in the reading. Tarot Card Reading sessions are one hour in length and cost $155 per session.