The discussion of Adverse Religious Experiences and Religious Trauma has become a robust conversation on social media and is being recognized by many as an apporpiate way to categorize their experiences while in a fundamentalist religion as well as their experience after leaving a fundamentalist religion.  However, due to society typically recognizing religion to be a positive and adaptive factor in someone's life, very little research is available discussing the potential harm that religion can have.  This carries over as well into mental health, healers and other clinical professions.  This manual is an attempt to educate individuals who work with people who may have suffered from Adverse Religious Experiences and/or Religious Trauma as a way to educate yourselves and learn how to implement trauma informed practices in your treatement of this population.  


While the first part of this manual focuses specifically on Evangelical Christianity and Christian Fundamentalism, many of the beliefs are transferrable to other fundamentalist systems and religion.  Additionally, the part of the manual focusing on religious abuse and religious trauma is applicible to any religious system and not specific to just one. 


**Note, this is a PDF download.

Religious Trauma Manual